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Nomad is the next generation of CMS. It seamlessly merges the world of cloud-based content and asset management with AWS AI/ML and Transcoding Media Services into one unified platform. This gives you robust AI driven metadata enrichment, deep content discovery, and extensible publishing for any digital experience platform.

Nomad | Merging the world of content and asset management with AI.

Meet Nomad


Nomad was built to bring value to all of your content in a scalable, flexible, and efficient way through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and the power of the cloud to deliver on your user’s expectations and your brand promise.

Nomad is comprised of three modules to allow you to not only manage your assets, but to identify, tag, and categorize the content contained in each of your files. Now you can confidently deliver the right content, to the right audience, in the right channel, at the right time.

Regardless of whether you are a media creator, owner, or distributor, Nomad provides you with the tools needed to empower and enrich your asset investment.

Nomad Product Modules

The future of managing assets and AI driven metadata enrichment.

Asset Management Module

Asset Management Module

Organize, analyze, and categorize your assets regardless of the medium to ensure your content can be easily managed and discovered.

Metadata Enrichment Module

Metadata Enrichment Module

Dynamically generate and manage rich asset metadata and tags for all your assets to uncover vibrant, hidden information inside your assets, empowering you to unlock new revenue opportunities and monetize your content.

Content Discovery Module

Content Discovery Module

Create and manage rich discovery channels for content delivery and robust user experiences.

Technology Highlights

What Powers Nomad?

Serverless Architecture

Nomad is built upon a serverless architecture which means technologies like AWS Lambda are the core of the system. This allows for highly scalable content processing and metadata tagging without having to provision any servers and dramatically reducing fixed infrastructure costs.

Serverless allows for a plug-and-play environment for extending the AI processing with minimal code changes and easy content integration with existing legacy data sources.

Scalable Architecture

Scalable architecture components form the backbone of the Nomad system. These include:

  • Content Delivery Network architectures like AWS CloudFront enable high performance content publishing and delivery.
  • Queuing technologies like AWS SQS enable massive content analysis.
  • Highly available database support for AWS DocumentDB and RDS SQL Server.


Nomad directly interfaces with all AWS AI and ML services, including: Comprehend, Rekognition, Translate, Transcribe, Textract, Polly.

AWS Media Services Integration

Nomad directly interfaces with all AWS Elemental services, including: MediaConvert, MediaConnect, MediaLive, MediaPackage, MediaTailor, MediaStore.

Professional Services

With more than 20 years of experience implementing enterprise level solutions across a wide range of industries, we work closely with your team to help solve any challenges or pain points you may have. We have a dedicated team of integration experts that can help you get the most out of Nomad.

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

We understand that your business presents unique opportunities and challenges that require a custom solution. Application integration and custom application development require a full range of complementary services to be done well.

Integration Consulting

Integration Consulting

When Nomad is utilized to it's fullest potential, your organizational process and technology workflow need to be integrated into the Nomad platform. With our Integration Consulting team, we help you identify, organize and plan the best way to launch Nomad successfully into your existing environment.

AWS Partner Network

Nomad - An AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner

Nomad is an Advanced Tier Consulting Partner with Amazon Partner Network (APN). As a Consulting Partner/Solution Provider, we are a product and professional services firm that helpS customers design, architect, build, migrate, manage, and deploy their workloads and applications on AWS. And as a member of APN, we work directly with other APN Consulting and Technology Partners including System Integrators, Strategic Consultancies, Agencies, Managed Service Providers, and Value-Added Resellers.

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