Adobe CS Suite Integration

Released by Nomad

Are you ready to add Nomad into the Adobe CS Suite experience?

We’ve been listening to client feedback. The need for graphic designers and video editing teams to access not only the appropriate file name but the metadata of all your assets no matter where you are. It is now easier than ever for users to access their entire file library while creating or editing a project within any of the programs within the Adobe Creative Suite family.

On location in Africa but need that file that is sitting back in New York? No problem. Because with the Nomad Adobe Extension all your data now becomes a file explorer where you can pull files directly from the cloud.

“As a designer, you work in your native Adobe CS environment, but can search deeply into millions of assets stored in the cloud for immediate use through a single click.”

Simply open the Nomad panel inside any of the 16 programs found in the Adobe CS Suite, such as Premiere or Photoshop, and Nomad does the rest. All your cloud-based files and assets are immediately searchable and accessible right within the panel. You can browse your files by file name, or even search by the specific metadata and tags brought in by Nomad using the Nomad AI and ML rich tagging capabilities. You are now able to freely edit that content right within your native environment and even save it back to the cloud when you are done.

Security and Access Controls

We know security is important to you. In addition to being able to browse within Nomad, you also can set permission levels and access control rules all the way from top level folders down to the individual assets. These allow you to control your workflow with freelance artists, agencies, and other firms.

A Fluid Experience

Collaborating on a project has never been easier. Now team members can have access to a single search interface and make edits in real time. You can set your permission structure specifically to allow approved project members to see what files you have posted so that they can edit and then send back again. Having the luxury of using just one search interface even if your files aren’t stored in the same folder will save countless hours as well as greatly improve your workflow efficiency.

Everyone wants a better experience when working with files from different locations within the Adobe CS Suite, and Nomad gives their users just that.

Nomad Adobe Extension is now available in all Adobe CS products.

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