Nomad is the next evolutionary step with Media2Cloud

Nomad is one of the premiere integration and deployment partners for the AWS Media2Cloud Solution. This brings the ability for businesses to bring an OTT metadata enrichment and discovery system to their existing S3 assets. Nomad augments S3 asset storage without requiring any changes to the existing asset structure or files themselves – and automatically integrates with Media2Cloud and other AWS AI/ML services. Confidence scores, labels, transcriptions, and other AI enrichment is used to tag each asset with appropriate discovery information. Searching and publishing activities are used to make the resulting metadata available to custom solutions or in support of other integration activities.

Media2Cloud is an AWS Solution that covers the standard essentials for ingesting video content like assigning a UUID, running a MD5 checksum, technical metadata extraction, and the creation of proxies of thumbnails. In addition to this process, the framework includes a trigger to augment the baseline metadata of the video assets with AWS Machine Learning. The video asset will have object and face recognition performed with Amazon Rekognition, speech to text is created via Amazon Transcribe, and contextual metadata is created using Amazon Comprehend. The service is elastic meaning the same workflow can be used to support day to day production and ingest archive migrations  as long as the requirements are the same. There’s no need to create separate workflows to accommodate capacity, a common issue with on-premise solutions.

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