Automatic Metadata Discovery & Asset Enrichment

Intelligent Metadata Discovery

Nomad provides pre-built integration with AI/ML driven metadata enrichment services to manage ALL your media in one platform. Deep integration with AWS AI/ML services like Rekognition, Transcribe, and more, delivers a robust solution in bringing the value of your assets to life.

Automatic Metadata Generation

Save time and money by automatically generating highly accurate and granular metadata, greatly reducing, if not eliminating, the need for manual tagging.

Distribution Channel Management for AI/ML Enriched Assets

Seamlessly manage how assets and associated enriched metadata feed downstream to content distribution systems.

Content Discovery

Nomad is a business-focused solution that automatically analyzes, indexes, and tags the contents of images and videos (faces, celebrities, objects, scenes, text, etc.), enhancing your media’s market value and findability in searches.

Translation & Transcription

Nomad deep-scans your media for recognizable meaning (audio dialogue, text content, text displayed in images or video frames) and converts the results into time-coded transcriptions and / or text captions for videos. Nomad can also translate captions into dozens of different languages to maximize the audience potential for your content.


Nomad’s smart tagging system combines deep-discovery content metadata with asset-level metadata to provide the richest possible tag sets for your media searches. Nomad also lets you manage your tag hierarchy and assign those tags to your content.

Tag Accuracy Management

To give you the confidence and assurance of our solution, Tag Accuracy Management is built into every aspect of Nomad.

Robust Search

Content, metadata and even AI-generated metadata can be automatically indexed for rich searching capabilities. Enables accurate search results saving time for users and reducing the amount of trial and error compared to simple text-based searches.