Technology Highlights

What powers the Nomad platform?

Nomad is built upon serverless technologies and architecture. This allows for highly scalable media processing and AI-driven metadata tagging without having to provision any servers. What does that mean for you? Dramatically reduced fixed infrastructure costs. AWS services like Lambda are core to our system. This enables us to build and release Nomad implementations significantly faster which streamlines development and reduces cost.

How does this technology translate to your business?

We created a plug-and-play environment within Nomad. The AI process is extended, with minimal code changes and easy content integration, with existing legacy data sources. Now, as your assets and requirements grow, Nomad grows with you.

Scalable Architecture

Scalable architecture components form the backbone of the Nomad system. Content Delivery Network architectures like Amazon CloudFront enable high performance content publishing and delivery. Queuing technologies like Amazon SQS enable massive content analysis. Highly available database support for AWS DocumentDB and RDS SQL Server ensure transaction performance, consistency and durability.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless technologies, like AWS Lambda, are enabling organizations to build and release applications significantly faster, streamline their development and operational processes, and dramatically reduce infrastructure costs.

AWS DocumentDB Data Storage

DocumentDB, a high performance database, stores all metadata and relationships.

AWS S3 Asset Storage

All assets are stored in the S3 object store including videos, images, and content.

AWS CloudFront

Content is distributed to the users via the AWS Content Delivery Network for high performance.

AWS CloudFormation

The entire system is built and deployed with CloudFormation scripts for simple account deployment.

Developer Environment Independent

Any code that can be hosted at AWS is supported in processing workflows and AI workflows.

Client Framework Agnostic

The discovery interface supports most client frameworks including Angular, Vue, React, and others.

AWS Cognito Integration

Cognito is used as a secure user store for user credentials and permissions.


Nomad directly interfaces with all AWS AI and ML services, including: Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Translate, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Polly.

AI Media Services Integration

Nomad directly interfaces with all AWS Media Services, including: AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS Elemental MediaConnect, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaPackage, AWS Elemental MediaTailor, AWS Elemental MediaStore.

Repeatable Serverless Deployments

Easy infrastructure-as-code provisioning for serverless projects that are built on top of cloud native standards such as AWS CloudFormation.

Amazon Native

Nomad is built AWS cloud-native.

Account Hosted or SAAS Hosted

The Nomad solution can be utilized instantly from our SAAS hosted environment or hosted within your own AWS Account.


Nomad has full support for internationalization (I18N) so that any content you put into NOMAD supports multiple translation bundles. Content is localized on retrieval across every API call (search, query, read, traversal, and more).


Nomad is built AWS Cloud Native, therefore AWS backup services are seamlessly integrated.

Deploy in Hours

Nomad is designed with One-Click setup and deployment. Its easy infrastructure-as-code provisioning for serverless projects are built on top of cloud-native standards such as AWS CloudFormation.

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