Zoom Meeting Connector

The world is changing. That has never been more evident than in the last few months. Technology is giving us the tools to not only help us connect with one another, but to continue full-time work from a remote location.

Zoom has been providing people across the country a lifeline to family, friends and employers. Whether it is just to chat or to keep the economy going, it has become clear; tools like Zoom are critical for company infrastructures.

And now Nomad and Zoom are partners. Adding into our already robust suite of extensions we recently launched the Zoom Meeting Connector.

Zoom users can choose to record sessions, collaborate on projects, and share or annotate on one another's screens.


So where does Nomad come in?

Our Zoom Meetings connector synchronizes your Zoom video meetings with Nomad. Once the meeting is available in Zoom, it automatically brings it directly into the Nomad interface, drops it in a folder, and fully synchronizes with the data around it.

All the native AI capabilities are used, so users can run transcripts, translations, recognition, and video analysis as normal. The deep integration allows users to search and find specific topics, spoken words, or even words that appear on slides presented during the recording.

What does this mean for you? All of your users can now manage and search all of your recorded content without ever leaving the Nomad environment.

But perhaps the most powerful part of this addition to our suite of features is how it integrates with the other extensions that already exist on the platform.

For instance, use our Video Clipper feature and the meeting can now be quickly and easily edited to save short clips for distribution to staff. Our built-in translation service can provide a full translation of the audio – in any language – within minutes. The Zoom Connector also complements the Adobe CS extension.

All these features allow us to meet you where you are. To help you serve your customers and clients well while maintaining the workflows your employees are already familiar with.


Because we know that data is currency. So, we are happy to sit in the wings while you take center stage and bring your mission and vision to life.