Remote Learning

Nomad’s Platform Gives Depth to Online Classrooms

Educators need a variety of tools in their toolbelt. Never has that been more apparent than in the last several months. While many educators are leery of distance learning initiatives, it’s important to understand the benefits of such an approach. Remote learning programs offer every student the opportunity to learn and improve in the environment that they find the most conducive to their learning style. The question becomes, how do you expect to support learners through technology while enhancing their ability to learn? The answer is the Nomad Platform.

How We Can Help

Nomad allows educational organizations to easily upload, manage, view, and share live or saved videos. Tagging, transcription, and translation services (40+ languages) happen automatically as well as allowing the user to assign tags that are meaningful to the data with as many keywords as you need. Tag by subject, course material, class hour, and teacher. In addition, assets like photos and documents can be attached to the broadcast to allow students to access remotely at any time. As your content grows, searching has never been easier and finding specific files by keyword brings any selection of content to your fingertips without the hassle of manual searching. Nomad makes all files, pictures, and videos readily available giving both instructors and students a powerful remote learning experience.


Ideal Remote Learning Solution

Video recordings are the closest substitution to teaching live. Instructors can be ready to teach remotely at a moment’s notice and continue as long as needed, eliminating gaps between learning periods.

Pre-recorded Lessons

Instructors can record their lessons anytime, anywhere at their convenience to share live or in the future with their students.

Entire School Year Library at Disposal

After one school year, a complete library is ready for future class use, for use in person or remote.

Perfect Solution for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers now can provide the same instruction by sharing pre-recorded lessons, keeping your schedule and students on track.


Stay Caught up During Absences

Whether absent one day or one week, students won’t have to struggle to catch up to what they missed. 

Review Recorded Videos for Homework & Studying

Students can watch the lessons again on their own schedule and at their own pace as often as desired and can reference past recordings as needed.

Higher Success Rate

The more resources available to students, the better they can perform, increasing knowledge, grades, and confidence.

Study Aid for Parents

Parents can have access also, giving them the best resource for assisting their children with their homework.


Complete Solution for Remote Learning

Unprecedented situations such as inclement weather and health crises need a reliable remote learning plan. Nomad offers a secure, quick, long-term solution that brings a multitude of benefits to all.

A Common Means of Communication

Instructors need a common means to deliver instruction, assess students and track overall performance. Nomad is a solution that fits all environments with equal effectiveness.


All content stored in Nomad can supplement other IMS and LMS assessment tools currently in use.

Nomad Benefits

Zoom & Adobe CS Connector

Zoom & Adobe CS Connector

One-click connector to Zoom, Adobe Creative Suite, or other video applications to safely store your videos for retrieval and use.

Highly Secure Environment

Highly Secure Environment

Highly secure environment for storage of all file types, including video, images, documents in one location.

Easy Searchability of Content

Easy Searchability of Content

Easy searchability and seamless management of all content in a user-friendly environment.

Transcription and Translation

Transcription and Translation

Transcription providing text captions to any video. Translation into any language.

Video Clipper

Video Clipper

Video Clipper to highlight and save video segments to share.

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